Where Actions Build a Legacy

Our Story


I founded Battalion to fill the void in professional luxury accessories. As a collegiate and professional athlete and then a company executive, I traveled extensively for nearly 20 years and was always on the move.

Over the years, I have visited some of the most breathtaking places in the world and acquired a deep appreciation for natural, authentic beauty. I always gravitated toward high quality products that stood out with original style, but many items sacrificed function for aesthetics.

The seed for Battalion was planted when I was commissioned to craft high-end duffel bags for corporate Christmas gifts. Even before the lion logo was branded, I knew that I had created something great – the intersection of handsome style, impeccable quality, and functional design. Over time, I forged connections and built a team of world-renowned craftsmen, tanners, and leather artisans to share Battalion with the world.

Some lead by example, securing respect and rallying others toward a unified goal; that has always been my calling. Battalion is the result.


Battalion is more than a brand - it’s a mindset. We serve people who believe in building their own legacy with actions. With every stitch and finishing detail, we empower excellence. So, whether you’re shaking hands in the board room or passing on the street, we help you leave your mark.

We were born as a brand that demands attention and captures the imagination. Even before colleagues see the dignified, stamped logo, Battalion is recognizable for its distinction; it’s the gold standard in personal style. Carry a bag that tells the story of who you are and where you’ve been.


We take immense pride in our work, and you deserve nothing but the best. Every stitch, rivet, and leather pull tab is crafted with precision. We hold true to our commitments with quality and transparency at every step.

  • Six weeks to tan and finish our luxury leathers
  • 30 days to stitch and assemble
  • Generational artisans with 100+ years of combined experience proudly made in the USA.